NaNoWriMo Post 4

Seina strolled through the sakura trees, her head tilted backwards in admiration of the delicate cherry blossoms. She stopped underneath one particularly large tree and inhaled deeply, trying to absorb the gentle aura of the beautiful spring morning.

“Ah…” she exhaled with a blissful grin stretched across her face. Her eyes closed, she hummed and began twirling around in small circles under the tree. As fanciful as it seemed, she thought she heard the spring breeze patting her cheeks and dancing with her, calling her with gentle whistles of Here, here… She pulled her black hair –which was flying annoyingly into her mouth– back from her face and glanced up towards the tree, where the wind seemed to be calling from.

Here, here… it seemed to say again. Seina’s eyes grew wide. She took a couple steps backwards, still observing the entire tree. As if in a fairy tale, a line of sakura blossoms were dancing around in the wind, blown upwards into a trickling stream of pink petals. Up, and up, and up it went, circling the tree trunk like the streamers around a maypole.

She stood staring at it for a while, hesitating. She could almost swear it was actually pulling her and tugging at her hair to guide her towards the stream of petals. And at the same time, it was like she herself was innately drawn to the tree. Seina walked slowly towards the trunk, step…by step… by step, until she finally reached a slight recess in the tree trunk that was just big enough for her and probably one more person to sit in. She lightly brushed her fingertips along the bark, and while relishing in the slightly roughened, but perfectly natural feeling of the wood, Seina thought she felt a plethora of unwarranted emotions well up inside of her. It felt like–despair and loss and longing, yet simultaneously tinged with warmth and bittersweet affection. It made her want to cry.

She scrubbed at the edges of her eyes, laughing at herself for such irrational feelings. It’s just a tree. Jeezus… “Something must be wrong with me today,” she mused aloud, while turning back and returning to the path to school.

NaNoWriMo Post 3

(Sorry, jumping around again)

Silence reverberated in the tatami room, besides the lingering sound: the echo of Seina’s slap upon Motonobu’s cheek.

Motonobu slowly swiveled his neck back to face Seina. Her face was subtly twisting and twitching, as if she could not consciously decide between sorrow or fury.  “I dare you to say that one more time,” she said slowly, clearly struggling to keep her emotions under control. But it wasn’t working. Her fists were clenched; the shadows of tears brimmed precariously on the edge of her eyelids, and Motonobu noticed that Seina was tightening her jaw–probably to hold the tears back.

Motonobu looked at her with as steady of a gaze as he could. “You heard me correctly. And you have the right to be angry.”

“I am getting married.”

Seina sucked in a short breath. Motonobu could see that even though she had been the one to ask the question, it still hurt to hear the truth confirmed again. He himself felt ashamed and guilty for the great injustice that he had done to her.

Motonobu’s eyes flickered down to see Seina’s fists clutch tighter, the skin now stretched a deadly pale white across her knuckles. Her expression was steadily transforming into one of hurt, rather than anger, and she slowly–word by word–asked one more question.

“How…long, have you known about this?” Her last word shook and she cut herself off to hide the tremors in her voice.

Motonobu winced internally. This was the question–out of all the questions that could have been asked–that he had wanted to avoid. This was the question that he dreaded answering to, because the answer was the biggest source of his guilt and shame for the deed he had done. But what choice did he have? The truth was the truth. She had the right to know, and if she ultimately wanted nothing else to do with him, he would not stop her from leaving his side.

“I have been engaged since before the day I met you.”

NaNoWriMo Post 2

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— (rewrite of last time included, gives names of the characters)

“Try describing it to me. What did you see?”

Seina’s face twisted into a frustrated expression, and she grimaced like she had seen something unpleasant in her dream the night before. “I was standing at a fork.” She paused. Her brow furrowed. Her eyes squinted in an instinctive move to desperately attempt recalling a certain mental image that was quickly beginning to fade.

Motonobu prompted her eagerly, although he tried to suppress his tone so it was gentle as possible despite his excitement. “A fork of a what? A road?”

She completely shut her eyes, squeezing them tight and pressing her hands to her temples. A couple silent, enduring seconds passed before –eyes still shut– her eyebrows jumped in realization. “A river!” she exclaimed. “A river,” she repeated slowly. Motonobu could see her savoring each syllable, each of the scenes that he could imagine flashing through her mind behind her closed eyelids.

“It wasn’t this one but… I’m pretty sure I was standing at the fork of a river, with the beat of drums ringing in my ears.” A short pause, before she spoke again. This time, her hands came into play.

“The drum beat was growing louder. It was like… Bum… Bum… Bum…” Her head nodded and her long fingers tapped a steady rhythm on the grass, matching the rhythm of her words; but Seina’s trembling wrists revealed her nervousness and shaken spirit.

“It grew louder and louder and louder, but every time I thought I had pinpointed where it was coming from and turned in that direction, it would vanish again somewhere else–like a fairy sprite or leprechaun, dancing away from me. I could almost swear it was laughing at me.” She could not hide the undertone of frustration from her voice, and Motonobu noticed a single muscle on Seina’s face twitch in irritation at the memory.

But he had to hear the rest. “And so? What happened afterwards?”

“The air started getting hotter, like there was a fire. But I didn’t smell anything burning, could only feel heat. The river began to fade away–no,” she corrected herself. “It began to change colors…”

“The sound of the drums was still really loud. And it just kept growing louder while the river was changing.”

Motonobu could hardly contain his excitement at this point. “What were the two colors of the river?”

“Huh?” Seina turned towards him, eyes open. “How did you know–”

He wasn’t having any questions. “Just answer my question, please.”

“The fork was still there. And the right side was now black, the left side was now red. I thought I could make out the shapes of people on the riverbanks on each side but it was hard, since my surroundings getting darker…until the beats of the drums were getting still ever louder and louder and louder–and then–”

“And then, everything went black.”

NaNoWriMo Post 1

Not exactly sure where this is going to go…. I have a rough idea of the plot, but I’ll just keep freewriting for now :P

“Describe it to me. What did you see?”

Her face twisted into a frustrated expression, and she grimaced like she had seen something unpleasant in her dream the night before.

“I was standing at a fork.” She paused, and her brow furrowed, as if trying hard to recall a mental image that was quickly beginning to fade.

I prompted her as gently as possible, “A fork of a…?”

She shut her eyes, squeezing them tight and pressing her hands to her temples. A couple silent, enduring seconds passed before –eyes still shut– her eyebrows jumped in realization.

“A river!” She exclaimed. “A river,” she repeated slowly. I could see her savoring each syllable, each of the scenes that I could only imagine flashing through her mind behind her closed eyelids.

“I was standing at the fork of a river, with the beat of drums ringing in my ears…”

–to be continued–

New Project! (hopefully?)

Hi! Guess I couldn’t stay away from this blog haha :P

I actually will not be posting any more new music using this blog anymore, but I’ll be back on this blog for approximately 31 days (the month of November basically).

I wonder if you guys have heard of NaNoWriMo? It stands for National Novel Writing Month, where participants try to finish a full novel (min word count 50,000 words) within a month. I tried this before, but gave up because of my workload. This year, I’m going to give it one more shot (since I turned in my biggest college application anyways lol) and just have fun with it.

I’ve set up a countdown at the top of the bar at the right, so everyone can see how many days left I have to finish. Each blog post will hopefully be a chapter, but even if it isn’t I’ll at least put my word count at the bottom so y’all can help me keep track of where I am. :D

Hopefully you guys can help push me along / just read whatever I post! Thanks! Lots of love!!

Moving On?

Hi everyone!

It’s been a longggg time since I last posted; I know.
But unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your opinion of my blog) I’m not going to be updating this one so frequently anymore. After a lot of chaos and the loss of someone close to me in these past 6 months, I realized that it’s probably healthier for me (or my stress levels, rather) to blog about things that won’t require daily updates all the time. That, plus what my friends and coaches said recently about me having the potential to be a coach or teacher in the future (instead of my current goal of a doctor), I’ve decided to move my focus onto another blog of mine. It certainly will not be updated as often, but it will render a larger concentration on athletics, nutrition, and just how to stay happier and healthier over a long span of time. Here’s the link, in case anyone wants to take a look. 

There’s nothing on there at the moment, but over time, I’ll be posting recipes, stretching tips, injury prevention tips, and other health-related stuffs, so please stay tuned if you’re interested! Or leave a comment ^^

Thank you to everyone who ever liked and commented or messaged me regarding posts. I love you all dearly and hope to talk to you all again!


Day 53 (kind of)–“Over You”

Hope everyone is enjoying the last days of their break / having a good start to the new year! It’s 2013!! o.o Sorry, just kinda hard to believe–time flew by. Really.

2012 was a year that caught me by surprise, both in the end of the ’11-’12 year and the beginning of the ’12-’13 (this) school year. I learned to be part of, and lead, a team. I tasted the bitterness of loving and not being loved back. I learned that limits are where you decide to set them; if you decide that you have no limits, then there will be none.

I might talk about the rest of those in the following posts, but before I forget, I just want to write down something–how the end of 2012 hit me with a lot of mourning, tears, and being forced to grow a little more as a person.  Continue reading